Available positions:

Bicycle Technician

Job description:

Being a bicycle technician at Republic is great! We like to work with our hands, be presented with a problem, and use deduction and tried and true methods to come up with a tangible result. We know a customer will enjoy riding most when their bike is working beautifully, and when the ideal service isn’t possible, given timing or budget, we pride ourselves in describing the issues clearly. We don’t withhold information or gloss over problems, but instead, use our experience and knowledge to educate, inform and help make a plan for future service. We understand the customer is entrusting us with a big part of their leisure and so we work their bicycles to  high standard, as if it were our own, or better. We are good at time management and juggling different tasks of varying priority. We like to be timely, but also be given enough time to do a great job. We work methodically because we will be interrupted and will need to continue from where we left off. We ride bikes and get amped on customers experiencing bikes the way we do!
If this sounds like you, then you should apply for this job!
You can find more about us here.

-Minimum of 2 years experience as bicycle mechanic;
-Experience doing most common repairs is key for repeatable, high quality work. There will also be on the job training and guidance as needed.

The ideal candidate will:

-Have a passion for bicycles and Squamish;
-Be willing to learn from others and from their own mistakes;
-Have a personal high standard of work;
-Be proficient in working with hydraulic systems;
-Some experience in working on suspension parts;
-Be willing to take direction, at the same time as being able to problem solve and make judgment calls when needed;
-Computer literacy;
-Ability to work unsupervised;
-Ability to focus and/or work in spite of distractions and interruptions;
-Must be able to deal with and be tolerant of all sorts of people;

Wages and Benefits:

There are many perks of working at Republic. They will be discussed at the time of the interview, but here are some highlights:

-Wages and hours to be discussed and depending on experience.
-Extended health plan available -You will work in a friendly, family-oriented, happy place, doing what you love alongside like-minded people;
-Discount in all products;
-You will work for (and with!) reasonable and accommodating people. The Republic is a democracy and we will listen to you.
-You will start with a full-time/ in season position(until Sep 30th).

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to therighthand [at] riderepublic [dot com]

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