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SPRING/SUMMER 2018 – starting April 17 at 6pm

Republic Monday Road Ride  – Rolling at 6pm from the shop

This ride is for beginner riders and more experienced riders looking for an easy day and a laugh or two. Talking pace (for real) with a touch of instruction as needed. We will ride for about an hour and we WILL keep the main group together. Fast riders have an opportunity to challenge themselves, as we split them off in a separate group when we get to the end of the Valley. Other experienced riders can find challenge in sheltering less experience ones. This is a dry day only ride and is a no-go if it’s wet out. Please watch our Facebook for the latest info, if the weather is undecisive.

Sorca Social Rides – Mountain Bike Ride Rolling at 6pm

These rides happen every second Wednesday. Groups are divided in beginners, intermediates and advanced. It is a great way to meet people and get a tour of Squamish trails, and at the same time, support our trails through your membership. For more, please visit Sorca.


Republic of Mondays – Mountain Bike Ride rolling at 6pm.

Bring your lights out and enjoy a social and fun (and sometimes wet) group ride. The courses will explore Squamish’s great trail diversity and will be decided according to the weather and trail conditions. We will publish the course on Twitter on the day of the ride.

Arano Pancetta Turbo – Gravel Ride (dates to be announced)
Around 100km

This fun gravel ride happens only a couple of days a year. A hard group, road and gravel ride, this is sure to be a challenge for beginners and experienced riders alike. Beginners will be sheltered by experienced riders in the paved road sessions, but every person for itself in the gravel strech(es). We will regroup, take time for ice cream cones and many laughs. This is meant to be ridiculous! Riders are encouraged to drop off the ride when they had enough. Post ride celebrations include copious amounts of bacon and/or pulled pork.

* Flash Ride – Every once in a while weather and opportunity line up and we fit in a bonus ride.  These will be always posted on the top of this page and might be posted with as little as an hour notice up to many weeks in advance.

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