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We work on all makes and models. Road, Mountain…Unicycles, you name it. We love fixing them all! Let’s get you riding!

Overkill Standards

Our team of problem solvers are trained to help you have the best riding experience your machine can deliver.

Timely Service

On the spot service available. Major repairs done in a timely fashion. Please bring your bike in to get an accurate timeline.

Free Assessments

Visit the shop for a free assessment and quote for maintenance

Your Bike Working At Its Best - Build Your Own Service

The BYO Philosophy

The old bike shop “service menu” doesn’t serve the rider or the bike well. You get some of what you need and likely a bunch of extra stuff you don’t. It is rare that one of the available packages fulfills exactly your maintenance requirements.

Build Your Own Service means you get a catered service package based on what your bike needs to perform at its best. We will of course do a full inspection, let you know what we find, and work with you and your budget to get you the most value.

BYO Service Example

A Popular Combo for $124

True Wheels
Adjust Gears
Adjust Brakes
Degrease Chain
Torque Bolts
Basic Clean
Test Ride

Common Maintenance Items

Bike Wash – $30

Bleed hydraulic disc brake – $46 (includes two fluid flushes, piston clean and brake adjustment)

Replace punctured tube – $16

Fork lower leg service – $48

Install tubeless tire – From $20

Standard wheel true – $27

Hub service (cartridge) – $53 (includes hub shell bearing replacement and freehub pawl service)

Shift adjust (rear) – $20 (includes hanger alignment)

Install disc brake pads – $19 (includes adjustment and piston reset)

Workshop hourly labour rate – $80

Republic Service Guarantee

Our mechanics are highly skilled and take pride in fixing your bike to the highest possible standard.
We want your ride to be nothing short of awesome, so,
in the unlikely event that something is not quite right after a service,
we would be happy to review our work at no extra charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I bring my new bike in for the first tune up?

After a couple of rides we would love to make some minor adjustments on your machine to make sure it is dialed. Then after 20 – 30 hours of riding you should bring your bike in for its first full tune up. Your first tune will have been booked in with our service department when you picked up your new bike – don’t worry we will send you a reminder! Remember, if you bought the bike from us, the first tune up (labour charge) is free. In season, this offer expires after 60 days.

Do you service E-bikes?

Yes! We’d be happy to service your E-bike. We are fully qualified to address any issue with Shimano and Bosch electric assist systems.

Can you service my suspension?

Yes! We service the vast majority of suspension pieces through a combination of in-house, and our suspension service partners. Let’s get you sorted.

When should my suspension be fully serviced?

Each manufacturer has its own recommended number of hours. However, a quick rule of thumb is once a year if your ride 1-2 times a week in the season. If you ride more than that, or all year, let’s make a plan together to make sure you are getting the best out of your suspension. Also, to increase the time in between full services, we encourage you to get a lower service mid season.

Do you work on old, unloved bicycles?

Yes! We work on all bikes, all makes, all models, all colours, all modalities, all years. We love bikes! Bring it on!

I bought parts elsewhere, can you install them?

Absolutely! Come in to the shop or call to ask our service advisor about the labour charges associated with installing various parts.

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