We were so thrilled to have seen so many messages of support from you in our Facebook page and email! We really appreciated that, especially because the reality of the Republic is that we are a bunch of bike geek friends, that get really excited about the events like the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships (SSCXWC), and being able to have so much fun doing what we love is truly a privilege. Thanks for supporting us in it!

The SSCXWC is a celebration of bicycles; a reminder of why we do what we do. It is not at all about the competition as only a handful of extremely fast pros are actually competing. For the rest of us cheating, is not only tolerated, it’s encouraged! There are several instances in the racecourse where you could take a “shortcut” for the mild price of taking a unknown beverage shot, or eating marinated asparagus, or whatever other random thing people (spectators included) could come up with. But, first things first…

The Republic battalion left for Victoria on Friday night after the shop closed and missed the Pointless Pre-Pre-Party. No matter, we got set up in our temporary home and enjoyed each other’s company with some fierce chess matches and a lot of heckling.

On Saturday morning, after an awesome coffee prepared by Lance from Galileo, we joined the other hooligans at Hoyne Brewery where the fine brewery folks kept refilling tiny glasses. From there, we got divided into groups for the qualifier in the form of Feats of Strength. At this point one would compete only against the ones in their group. I found this day most enjoyable as the organizers did an excellent job. Our group leader led us into a pleasant tour of Victoria (great riding there!), many stops of liquor stores and, of course, the Feats were all around town:

– Sandtrap: riding on the beach to see who would get the furthest. Our Josh actually fell into the ocean and was really cranky after that.
– Hill Climb: exactly how it sounds. This was a race to the top at the Governor General’s House… about 500m long (or less), and about 18-22% steep.
– Haro Woods Eliminator: a lap race in the woods. Very short, but with a savage dirt steep climb. This course also contained a detour, if you would looked around.
– Foot Down: some groups play this differently, but basically everybody rides around in a tight circle and whoever puts their feet down first, gets eliminated. Last person standing wins. My group played this full contact, meaning you could use your hands to knock people off.
– Pump track: it should have been called stairs of doom. That’s all.

The riding fun finished at the Wheelies Motorcycle Café, where pre-race packages were delivered. Our riding fun only finished with a race to the showers (Julian and Josh won – two separated bathrooms, to be clear -, although in fairness, Nate and Armand were escorting my tired butt, slowly).
Then it was in the pre-race party at the Victoria Event Centre that it was announced who qualified for the main race. From our group only I (all the girls qualified), Armand and Eric Goodwin qualified. For the rest, the Not Everybody is a Winner Consolation Race was the main event. At the party, though, there was one more chance to qualify by performing several tasks in a courier style race.

Sunday the schnanigans started early. Tutus and monkeys early in the morning…

….and you know what?… I am going to let the pictures speak.

We were at the racecourse ALL DAY and it was one of the most fun days…


Again, thanks for supporting us!

And let the Christmas fun begin!

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