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Republic Team Picks: Great Holiday Gifts for the Cyclist in Your Life

Ryders antiFOG eyewear – So, I’ll be honest, in the past I have not been much of a riding glasses guy. I try to fake it, bring some along, but they would always fog up and I’d find myself shoving them into my helmet vents or throwing them in my hip back (fanny pack?!). I’ve been using the Ryders antiFOG lenses for most of this season and they have performed quite well – minimal fogging and they keep the mud out of my eyes. Have you ever hit a jump with one eye closed? It doesn’t need to be that way 😉 Ryders has a nifty video on their website showing the antiFOG technology being used over boiling water!

Bontrager Rapid Pack – Hip packs, fanny packs, bum bags; whatever you call them, they are great for keeping accessory/water weight close to your centre of mass and unnecessary heat off your back. I’ve tried a few hip packs over the seasons and I seem to keep coming back to the Rapid Pack. Its a simple design, 2 zippered pockets and a spot for a water bottle to fit in, but I think the simplicity is what I like most about it! Inside the right pocket is a clip for your keys and both zips have internal pockets for a phone, wallet and a multi tool. The pack itself is very light, the material is comfortable on the body and the waist strap has generous length for larger folks!

North Shore Billet Overlord 35 AM stem – I like to support local businesses wherever possible. Amazon are not building our trails, supporting people who live locally, or helping build local communities. To that end, my bikes tend to have a good splattering of local businesses representing. My Chromag frame was welded in Squamish and of course is a Whistler based company. My One-Up parts employ many people in town and from a performance perspective, their carbon handlebar would be a great staff pick and can be found on both my bikes. 
But I ultimately chose my North Shore Billet Overlord 35 AM stem. It’s machined in Whistler by a company with a tradition in keeping manufacturing local. I like it’s almost retro appearance, but at 35mm long and competitive weight, it is 100% up to date for a product that you will probably want to move from bike to bike in the future. It might not be a ‘game changer’, but instead an example of a great product at a realistic price that also happens to help the community that we live in.

HandUp Gloves – I love riding with gloves but I tend to go minimal and avoid anything with stitching on the palm. That’s why I like the HandUp Gloves; they have a single piece leather palm and no bunchy pinch points you get with padding or stitching. Just a simple glove that is comfortable and gives you protection without losing the feel of this all important touch point with your bike. Plus, they come in many ‘not boring’ colours.


Will’s pick: Bontrager Team Issue SE4 2.6″ Tire

These tires are sure-footed when needed but if you’re so inclined, these puppies know how to drift. I’ve seen a few negative comments about these tires but I think they are a fun tire….grippy on slabs but predictably slightly ‘drifty’ in the rear on loose corners if you get over the front end. Forget the whole ‘Plus’ tire pressure BS, just run normal pressures and your tires and rims will thank you. Some work mates are running inserts. Some have gone back to tubes. So I guess I’m a full blown hipster by bucking these trends and once again running ‘standard’ tubeless. But, the only burping will be caused by my favourite post ride beverage.
27.5″ and 29″ options for $109.99

(Bontrager offers a 30 day unconditional guarantee. If you don’t like the tires return them, clean with a proof of purchase, no questions asked!)

Nathanael’s pick: A Christmas combo
Let’s imagine for a second that one of your close friends is a cyclist. It’s a pretty likely scenario; it is Sea to Sky country after all. With Christmas coming you’d like to get this person a killer gift, but cyclists are so hard to buy for aren’t they?! No worries! We’ve put together a list of our top picks for gifts any cyclist would appreciate.

Chain Lube – it’s not a glamorous gift but it’s extremely practical and makes a great stocking stuffer. It’s a necessity for every rider. Cleaning and lubing your chain is the key to getting the most life out of it. And if they already have a bottle, it’s ok, they’re bound to run out sometime!

Socks – they don’t have the ‘boring gift’ stigma any more. In fact, socks are the new form of self expression! A single pair will usually fit a range of foot sizes which is a plus.

OneUp EDC tool – your friend in question may already have a multi tool but this new product is just too darn cool not to mention. It is a multi tool that is stored neatly inside the fork steerer tube! All the trail side tools you’d ever need always with you and right at your fingertips. Beware, bike geeks everywhere will come flocking when you pull this tool out.

Water Bottle – another gift that is ok having two of; one always seems to be in the dishwasher or on the other bike. Another great stocking stuffer if your stocking is big enough!

Service Voucher – last but definitely not least, every cyclist will inevitably need a bike service at some point in the season. Give them a gift card to use on their next routine service. It shows you care that they are having a great ride on a well maintained bike.

Sean’s pick: Dynaplug Tubeless Tire Repair Kit
Running Tubeless? Here is a no-brainer must have tool, for a trail side quick fix, The Dynaplug; This fast, easy to use permanent fix to most tire punctures. Designed for use on any type of tire (car, truck, motorcycle or bike). Simply push the brass tip containing a rubber plug though the puncture, and watch as the tool works its magic sealing the hole.  Available in both carbon version at $36 and the ultimate lightweight version which is a beautiful sealed CNC’d aluminium enclosure at $72.  Both options come with four plugs, and are in stock now at Republic Bicycles.
Ashley’s pick: Bontrager Ion 800 R
Don’t get caught in the dark! See and be seen with Bontrager’s Ion 800(lumens!) R front light! This sleek and compact design features 5 different modes accommodating day and night. These awesome lights hold up to 20 hours of running time, and a LED indicator lets you know when they need a charge. They are USB rechargeable, by the way! On top of that, these lights mount easily with a silicone strap that secures it nicely to any handlebars. As a bonus, it can also be mounted to the centre on the Bontrager Lithos MIPS helmet. $134.99

Pair it with a Bontrager Flare Tail light and ride safely into the night, sunset and sunrise.

Rob’s pick: XT 11 speed group set
After running the Shimano XT 11 speed group set for the last year I can safely say it’s been the most reliable and hard wearing drivetrain I’ve used. Through a mucky west coast winter and dry dusty summer it’s handled all the climbs, techy descents and a few ghost rides down the trail without an issue. Add on the newly available 11-46 tooth cassette and you have a Squamish climb trail friendly granny gear! The XT group is a great upgrade for anybody looking to go to a wide range one-by drivetrain, an affordable and complete set up that simply works. Chain, cassette, shifter and derailleur for $426
Chris’ pick: Endura MT500 Spray Shorts
I’ve had a set of these shorts for over five years and at this point in the season they’ve always come into their own. The last thing you want from a winter ride is to feel wet and miserable; these shorts make sure you stay comfortable and focussed on your riding. I love the handy zip pocket on the back for a multi tool and a bit of cash for a hot drink mid ride. A durable, stylish garment that has stood the test of time – that gets my vote! No excuses to avoid riding in the rain anymore – happy trails. $180
Leah’s pick: MIPS helmets
Mips is a patented technology backed up by empirical testing. Traditional helmet impact testing is done straight on. Mips also test helmets the way they are most likely to happen out on the trail; on an angle. Mips features a low friction layer that on impact, allows the helmet to slide relative to the head, reducing concussions. Mips partners with several companies increasing their overall comfort. Come get fitted for a helmet, as this study shows, most head injuries are a result of ill-fitting helmets.

Helmets with Mips include Scott, Giro, Bell, and Lazer starting at $95.

Josh’s pick: Transition Klunker
If you are looking for a bike to ride to the bar, or go shred some gnarly trails, this is the bike to do it all. Between the fully rigid frame and fork and the back pedal brakes, this bike just screams fun! Here is the video to the guys and girls over at transition putting this bike to its intended use. $749
Evan’s pick: Direct-Mount Chainrings
Shaking-up my drivetrain paradigm two years ago with a move to one chainring brought new challenge and fun to my mountain biking. Although there are a lot of options for making the switch to a “one by” setup, all of the best ones involve a DM chainring from Chromag, Raceface, NSB, or SRAM. The idea of these rings is simple: attach the chainring directly to the crank sipindle for a lighter, cleaner, stronger setup. My favourite is the Chromag Sequence X-Sync: it comes in a wide range of sizes and DM standards and features the chain-retaining tooth profile that SRAM developed for the original XX1 system. Stop by the store with your bike for a chat about this ride-changing upgrade!

DM Chainrings start at $55.

Nathanael’s pick: Syncros Silicone Grips
I’ve always liked silicon grips. They’re light, fit tightly to your bars and most of all they are especially comfortable. Thick silicon under your palms softens vibrations like nothing else. Also, I find that some grips put too much pressure on my thumb joint but not so with silicon grips. I’ve broken both my wrists in the past so I take all the comfort I can get! Syncros’ Silicone grips accomplish all the lightness and comfort for $31
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