From Decline Magazine May 2016 issue: “This year the Sight C7.1 takes the cake as our favourite trail riding bike. The Sight embodies everything we want out of a trail bike, it is light, versatile and doesn’t make us flinch when the going gets rough.”

Proudly Canadian, Norco makes perfect bicycles for our rough terrain. Their engineering team of avid riders, understand our West Coast needs: “A highlight of Norco’s dual suspension bikes is their Gravity Tune geometry. Each frame size has its owns specifically tuned geometry and tube lengths so our size large Sight ahd a longer chainstay length than a size small. These tuned frames give each rider the optimal riding position and the time spent on details like this are what make the Sight ride like a dream.”

Come by the shop and check out the line up of Sights and Ranges.


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