Giddy Up to the Transition demo this Sunday, April 24th, at the base of Half Nelson. Patrol, Smuggler and Scout models will be available. If you feel like you don’t know enough about them, feel free to pass by the shop before and after the demo and we will tell you all about the cool things Transition has been bringing to the industry.

Here’s a little bit of what Bike Magazine had to say about the Patrol 2: “A hell of a fun bike that will make any gravity freak weep with joy. (…)
The Patrol is lively and remarkably playful, in spite of the beef implicit in the 7.8-pound frame weight. It is also stout, solid, plush and impeccable at sucking up all kinds of terrain, while still being a capable pedaling machine.

This bike will make anyone a better rider.”

Happy riding!


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