Who We Are

Armand Hurford

Armand Hurford, Head of State

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Originally from? Squamish, Brackendale

Why (are you still in) Squamish? Because it is the best place on Earth!

Favourite MTB loop? I am always up for a Cheshire Cat lap the wet way

Favourite road? Republic of Tuesday

Hobbies (other than cycling)? I am just a one dimensional person…Just kidding! Reading rad books, throwing axes, running chainsaws, riding motorbikes… being a … dad (does that count?).

Words to live by: “Faster, faster, faster until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death.” Hunter S. Thompson

Super power: Having strange dreams in the night and making them become reality

Leah Orosco gif

Leah Orosco, CFO, The Right Hand

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Originally from? Ipiranga, São Paulo, Brasil

Why Squamish? This place is magical!

Favourite MTB loop? Wonderland, 50 Shades, Bob Mac, Dead End Loop, Rock’n’Roll, Corners, Roller Coaster…through the Highlands and down Jack’s Trail

Favourite road? Paradise Valley, down the highway to Britannia, “Tour de Valleycliff”, back to Brackendale through the neighbourhoods

Hobbies (other than cycling)? Reading, music, basketball, learning about living things, animal watching, stargazing

Words to live by: “Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.” – Thoreau

Super Power: Bending time

Nathanael Fournier gif

Nathanael Fournier, Service Manager

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Originally from? Born in Quebec, grew up in the Okanagan.

Why Squamish? It’s beautiful, there are trails everywhere, less hustle and bustle than Vancouver.

Favourite MTB loop? Crouching, Kiki, Rupert, Border Patrol, Roller Coaster.

Favourite road? Something with a destination like Fergie’s or Galileo or a lake side picnic.

Hobbies (other than cycling)? Bike polo, hiking

Words to live by: “Measure twice, cut once.”

Super power: Superhuman hearing

Soundtrack: Any and all funk

Jeremy Null gif

Jeremy Null, Customer Service

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Originally from?: Pennsylvania, near Philly

Why Squamish?: Came here on holiday and didn’t want to leave!

Favourite riding loop?: Pleasure trail or Any trail with some slabz

Hobbies (other than cycling)?: Crossfit, watching old 80’s movies, sampling beer

Words to live by: Goonies never die

Corey Ellah gif

Corey Ellah, Customer Service

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Originally from: Port Colborne, ON

Why Squamish? Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada: I wanted to Mountain Bike, Pedal, Climb, Ski, everything!

Favourite MTB loop: The Rolls-Royce loop! Rupert-Roller Coaster Loop

Bicycles: Transition Scout

Hobbies (other than cycling): Rock climbing, hiking

Words to live by: “Take what you need, leave the rest”

Super power: Empathy

Soundtrack: Right now? Outright crazy gangster rap!


Josh Berrow, Customer Service

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Josh-imageOriginally from? New Westminster, BC

Why Squamish? Because it’s so rad!

Favourite MTB loop? Tough question… I think they are all awesome!

Favourite road loop? Paradise Valley, then up to Whistler.

Hobbies (other than cycling)? I don’t have any.

Words to live by: “Huck to flat, always.”

Rob Lester gif

Rob Lester, Bicycle Technician

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Originally from? Border of Wales, countryside, UK.

Why Squamish? Because is the Mountain Biking Mecca of Canada!…pretty much!

Favourite MTB loop? Probably…Half-Nelson to Somewhere over there, back up to Pseudo-Tsuga.

Hobbies (other than cycling)? Climbing… and… camping… that’s about it.

Words to live by: “Hold my beer and watch this.”

Will Waters gif

Will Waters, Bicycle Technician

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Originally from: Shrewsbury, England

Why Squamish? Mountain bike mainly, general outdoors

Favourite MTB loop: Leave Of Absence.It’s the perfect extended commute home and I love the fact that there’s always beginners on the trail and they are all smiling!

Bicycles: Custom build MTB (Wischard?), Independent Fabrication Delux, old GT MTB, Skull Skates cruiser

Hobbies (other than cycling): Dog walking

Words to live by: Try not to harm any animals (including humans), tread lightly.

Super power: Sarcasm

Soundtrack: Lawnmower Deth – Satan’s Trampoline


Chris Hajek gif

Chris Hajek, Bicycle Technician

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Originally from? Marin County, California

Why Squamish? For the mountains!

Favourite riding loop? Fools gold, Somewhere over there

Hobbies (other than cycling)? Music, hiking, cooking and more importantly eating food

Words to live by: Enjoy life!

Superpower: fixing bikes with a blink of an eye

Sarah Griffin gif

Sarah Griffin, Inventory Controller

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Originally from? Northern Alberta

Why Squamish? Better opportunities

Favourite riding loop? Estuary trails

Hobbies (other than cycling)? Studying, cooking, gardening, hiking

Words to live by: What doesn’t bend breaks

Soundtrack: Future Islands

Fraser Brown gif

Fraser Brown, Bicycle Technician

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Originally from?: Surrey

Why Squamish?: Shop I was working at closed down and so, just made the bold decision to move and ended up in Squamish

Favourite riding loop?: Treasure trail to Pleasure trail

Favourite road ride?: Stanley Park Loop

Hobbies (other than cycling)?: Woodworking, Gardening

Words to live by: Don’t live to ride fast, ride fast to have fun

Soundtrack: Anything country before 1975

Corey Ellah gif

Emanuel Labarre, Bicycle Technician

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Originally from: Victoriaville, Quebec

Why Squamish? To be closer to the mountains

Favourite MTB loop: Any slab trail after Entrails

Hobbies (other than cycling): Snowboarding

Super power: The ability to have fun in the most miserable situations

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